Ted Meissner

Ted Meissner joined the Center for Mindfulness in UMASS in December of 2015, transitioning from over twenty years in corporate Information Technology (IT).  Throughout his professional career, Ted continued to grow his meditation practice of 25 years, and completed the training path to become an MBSR teacher. He began exploring the use of digital technology to share the practice with others who have a similar interest in both the scientific findings and in the personal transformative power of meditation. He has taught mindfulness within the corporate environment, delivering both in-person and virtual programs to hundreds of participants.


Within more recent years, Ted combined his experience with social networking with his passion for meditation, starting two podcasts with supportive websites and social networking presences. His efforts resulted in over 1.4 million podcast downloads worldwide, and 12 independently run sites in 9 countries using 4 languages. His dialogues on the podcast Present Moment: Mindfulness Practice and Science brings guest mindfulness researchers, authors, teachers, and practitioners to talk about their work and how it can help others. Ted has also been a guest on various podcasts including Brain Science, presented at international conferences, and participated on collaborative teams supported by Mind and Life Institute.




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