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Eventslist provides a neutral space for mindfulness teachers and training organisations to list and share event information. Our main aim is to bring together a list of events in one convenient location with easy markers that show the types of mindfulness events offered and an indication of the teaching levels of the event trainer.


Mindfulness has become a popular intervention. Over the past few years, the field has seen a huge increase in the number of courses, trainings and events available. The absence of a regulatory body, plus the large volume of complex guidance, can make it difficult for the public and mindfulness teachers to make informed choices about which mindfulness events to attend.


Our service not only lists events, but also provides basic information about each event and the trainer to help you make informed comparisons and reviews of each event.


how it works


In line with our mission to promote good standards, we seek to promote only events that meet certain standards. Those who wish to list their events with us will be required to be mindfulness teacher trained and have made a commitment to adhere to Good Practice Guidance. The term ‘teacher trained’ can be hard to define, though, since there is a range of teacher training programmes available both within and outside the UK. As a starting point, we use guidance from the UK Network for Mindfulness-based Teachers, which states that:


teachers of mindfulness-based approaches should have the following:


A. Mindfulness-based teacher training

B. Training or background required in addition to mindfulness-based teacher training

C. Commitment to ongoing Good Practice Requirements


Visit HERE for full information on this guidance.


Before they can list an event, teachers will be asked to provide details about their training and commitment to the Good Practice Guidance. Training information will be visible to the public. If an organisation is affiliated with Eventslist and wishes to list an event, there must be an organisational commitment that all teachers they supply will (as a minimum) meet these requirements.


Teacher Attributes

In addition to providing details about their mindfulness-based teacher training, when using the Eventslist application forms teachers will be able to specify other teacher attributes such as: Supervisor Trained; Competency Assessed via the MBI:TAC (at ‘Competency’ level or above); and/or listed on a Teacher Listing service such as  Access MBCT  or UK Teacher Listing. We hope this will further help the public select high-quality events.

Types of Mindfulness / Mindfulness Interventions

There is a range of commonly accepted mindfulness programmes.

Eventslist will allow teachers to list an event if they have been teacher trained in one of the below mindfulness programmes.








(Intervention List from UK Good Practice Guidance with some additions - MiSP, MBCL and MSC)

One of the benefits of mindfulness is that is can be adapted to different population needs and therefore be delivered in a wide range of settings.  As an intervention, mindfulness is still in its infancy and whilst there is general support for wider dissemination of mindfulness; adaptations to established programmes requires a level of caution and expertise.


Our opinion is that mindfulness should be available to all areas of society and we accept this might require some adaptations to the more commonly accepted programmes (such as those listed above).  Therefore, adapted versions of mindfulness events can also be listed here.  To list an event that is not teaching or training explicitly in one of the above programmes, we will require the teacher is initially trained in one of the above programmes and display ‘adaptation knowledge’.


‘Adaptation knowledge’ is where a professional, in the area for which the mindfulness programme is being delivered, adapts one of the commonly accepted programmes to fit the needs of the population they are working with.


This will only be permitted where the professional has received basic mindfulness teacher training in one of the above accepted mindfulness programmes and can use that foundation knowledge to inform any mindfulness programme changes.


For example; a Health Worker who has been mindfulness teacher trained and has been working in the dementia field for 30 years, has adapted MBSR for dementia patients and wants to list a workshop on Eventslist.  This would be permitted as they have been teacher trained in MBSR and have extensive experience with the population to which they are now introducing to mindfulness.


The overarching intention is to offer a single platform of mindfulness events internationally, being as inclusive as possible whilst offering some quality checks of events listed.   Whether you are a teaching looking to list your event or you are here looking to find an event, we hope you find this service useful and welcome feedback and comments via the ‘Contact us’ page.




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