Below are the organisations with whom we have connections and work together to communicate quality events.


Affiliated Organisations use Eventslist to share details of their events to ease the process of finding international mindfulness events.  They have all committed to providing quality trained facilitators and in many cases their trainers are field leaders. The Affiliated Organisations are often founders or senior organisations in their particular intervention and our relationship enables us to be kept up-to-date on field developments and review our listing requirements accordingly.


Partner Organisations have evidenced their status as Mindfulness Training Organisations and made a commitment to provide quality trained facilitators for all their events.  Partner Organisations list all their events and promote Eventslist throughout the year, this partner engagement eases the process of finding international mindfulness events.


Our main intention is to bring quality events to the mindfulness community and we are grateful to the Affiliated Organisations for supporting us and enabling this to happen.

Partner Organisations

SiTT Community


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